our team

Aarushi Pant (they/them)

founder and editor-in-chief

Aarushi is a freshman at the University of Pittsburgh in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. They’re a passionate advocate for women’s and LGBTQ rights, and also the founder and president of Women Inspiring Social Harmony (WISH), an organization that mentors, educates, and exposes underprivileged girls to unique career pathways, as well as spectrum. When they aren’t reading or writing, Aarushi loves listening to music, spending time with family and friends, or watching Netflix.

Evelina Torres (she/they)

staff writer

Evelina Torres is an undergraduate student at Syracuse University studying political science and citizenship & civic engagement. She is passionate about racial and working class issues, especially with the intersection of gender and sexuality. They really enjoy writing articles and are in pursuit of a public communication minor.

Madison O’Connell (she/her)

staff writer

Madison O’Connell is a sophomore at Suffern High School. Madison likes to focus her time on activism, writing and reading. She hopes to continue to write throughout her life.

Cameron Samuels (they/them)

staff writer

Cameron Samuels is a community organizer from Katy, Texas who has led efforts for LGBTQ+ inclusion, voting rights, and gun violence prevention. As a firm believer in the power that comes from organized power, Cameron has advocated for these causes by uplifting voices through journalism, digital organizing, and photography.